WorkForce Thrive, LLC

A Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) dedicated to helping Veterans lead productive and healthy lives in the workplace. Our mission is to improve the lives, job satisfaction and integration of Veterans in the workplace by fostering the highest standards of care within organizations through direct partnerships with those who have served, Veterans’ associations, public agencies, and private corporations.

The WFT team combines over 30 years of military leadership and public service in support of Service Members, Veterans and military families. Our experience in delivering resiliency-based support and services uniquely positions WFT to develop and deliver customized solutions for companies and public agencies.

What Vet Thrive™ Can Do for You

WorkForce Thrive, LLC provides a Multi-Functional Health Tool - Vet Thrive™ - a confidential, online, secure assessment that assists working Veterans in improving their overall well-being and resiliency.

US Military Veterans have long played a vital role in transforming American companies. Practical skills hardened in the crucible of military service provide employers with a mature, adaptable, and extremely resilient workforce that plays a vital role in a company’s competitiveness. Veterans work hard, often doing so for decades without regard for their own health and well-being. The reality is that this can sometimes lead to issues that over time contribute to labor loss, behavioral inconsistencies, and decreased productivity. Veteran’s health and productivity is enhanced when military service-related health and welfare symptoms are addressed head-on using Vet Thrive™.

What Vet Thrive™ Can Do For Your Company Or Organization

Strengthen Your Employees Ability to Perform

The Vet Thrive™ assessment tool boosts productivity by identifying health and behavior challenges common to Veterans through comprehensive health and wellness assessments in key areas of resiliency, personalized assessment reports, and targeted referrals and resourcing.

Expand Leadership and Management Knowledge on Key Veteran Issues

WorkForce Thrive, LLC will consult with management and organizational leadership on key insights, trends, and critical issues impacting Veterans at work and in their lives.

Professional Development for Employees and Management

    WorkForce Thrive, LLC can design and deliver focused professional development workshops that target critical issues identified by Veterans that impact their health, performance, and productivity.

    Foster Robust Resource Rich Employee Associations

      Build on the active health resourcing and professional development programs to create resource rich employee associations to foster stronger commitment and loyalty to one another, their respective mission, and the organization.

      Encourage Respect for Diversity

      By encouraging respect and understanding of Veterans issues, the unique challenges they face, and the special skills, culture and overall value they bring to the job, organizations can strengthen the diversity of their workforce.


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  • "The Vet Thrive Assessment helped me immensely. Thank you!"
    Vietnam War Veteran
  • “The Vet Thrive Assessment works!”
    Gulf War Veteran