Dr. Mike Colson

  • “Sergeant”

    By on May 12, 2011

    There is a place in the world that you will have never heard of but within its boundaries reside…

  • Sunset

    Depression and the Potential Link to Suicide

    By on January 31, 2011

    Depression in mature working professionals – both men and women – is an almost expected part of living in…

  • Startled By Another New Year

    By on January 3, 2011

    If you are reading this article on the first day back at work in the New Year you might…

  • Fame

    By on October 14, 2010

    When entering my public library I am often overwhelmed when trying to find a few books to pack –…

  • soldiers in iraq

    As the Iraq War Comes to an End

    By on August 31, 2010

    I woke up this morning, 31 August 2010, knowing that the USA was moving out combat troops from Iraq…

  • Twice Bitten

    By on April 4, 2007

    My own military history records multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and fourteen years of previous service working with…