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At Vet Thrive™ we want you to have control of your health. That includes selecting private provider options that are CLOSE TO YOU and able to ACCOMODATE how those options are paid for. The following Provider Locator link can help you find your nearest specialty provider option from over 30,000 doctors nationwide.

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To take the NEXT BEST STEPS consider these “Get Care” TIPS:

TIP #1

Select a PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER (PCP) or contact your PCP for an initial medical screening using the results of your Vet ThriveTM assessment. Your PCP will be able to refer you to a specialist if necessary.

TIP #2

If you already have a PCP make an appointment with them yourself, but if they are not listed in the PROVIDER LOCATOR then direct them to the EHR link for doctors above so they may sign up and be part of the referral network of verified health care providers providing care to you, your family and other Veterans.

TIP #3

If you are a Veteran and medically uninsured you can apply to the VA for Disability Compensation or for a VA Non-Service Connected Pension.

VA DISABILITY is considered to be; “Any conditions that is caused by or aggravated by service in the military”. Monthly compensation varies from $133 to $2,906 per month based upon your disability rating determination. APPLY AT:

Disability Compensation Information

VA PENSION is age and needs based with rates from $937 per month.

VA Pension Information

TIP #4

Familiarize yourself with the numerous benefits Veterans can receive by applying to the VA.

VA Veterans Benefits


Many Veterans now have the option to receive non-VA health care rather than waiting for a VA appointment or traveling to a VA facility. On November 5, 2014, the new Veterans Choice Program began covering non-VA care for eligible Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare. Even Veterans with private healthcare provided by their employers may benefit from the new Veterans Choice Program. Click here to determine if you are eligible and to learn more about this new program or for more information on how to enroll in the VA healthcare system.

Veterans Choice Information


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