Dr. Mike Colson, PhD

Founder / Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Mike Colson, PhDDr. Mike Colson founded WorkForce Thrive, LLC on the belief that a company’s military veterans play a vital role in the success of any company.  Veterans bring distinctive skills to the workforce such as leadership, teamwork, adaptability, resiliency and a focus on success, but can also bring visible and as well as invisible injuries that need to be addressed and understood by individuals and management. His background and work in helping veterans later evolved into helping 1st Responders who experience and deal with many of the same issues that veterans face.

Dr. Colson is a former Marine, a retired Naval Officer, and a significantly disabled combat veteran who supported U.S.M.C. Infantry (6th and 8th Marines) and U.S. Navy Air Wings (COMVAQWINGPAC and Wing 10) during multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Turkey, and the Middle East. As a Navy Special Staff Officer he developed health and well-being training protocols, prevention programs, health risk assessments and human service support platforms, continuing this work with the Veterans Administration, TriWest Health Care Alliance, and his MCA non-profit after retiring from the Navy.

Dr. Colson earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and Educational Psychology from Eastern Michigan University; a Master of Science in Educational Psychology and Counseling from Western Seminary; his PhD. in Clinical Human Services and Public Health, and additional post-graduate credentials in emergency and trauma care. He spent 15 years prior service as a clinical provider and education and development program director in war torn sub-Saharan Africa with USAID and other agencies.

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Dr. Mike Colson, USN (Ret)

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